Friday, December 15, 2006


I've moved.

Very paiseh if you guys are feeling irritated at so many url changes. *heh.

So relink okay??

Thursday, December 14, 2006


Handphone, that is. =)

I received a $150 voucher from m1 weeks ago and couldn't get my arse up to use it. Realised that tomorrow's the expiry date, and rushed to compass point with my mum to use it.

So now i've got a black N6288. =)

Only bad thing is, i forgot how easily finger marks are being left on black casing and it definitely sucks. I should've chose the white one! *grr

And so, being bored (while waiting for bleach episode 106 to load), i googled how to get rid of fingerprints on handphone casings and got this:

" We're sorry...

... but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now. "

Whatever do spywares or viruses google this for? Shouldn't they be googling like ip addresses or gullible pc users etc?

[edit: 12.22AM]

I really am getting cynical about friendships nowadays.

If you're asking people out for a specific reason, cannot possibly ask that person 'don't tell anyone ok?' right?

But if you say can, then can lo.

I don't mind if you spilt up the groups of people you are meeting, but how can purposely hush hush one? Must be honest and say one day cannot meet so many people.

Or maybe that was the intention but i misread it la.

Anyway! I am not going to care much about these things already.

Cuz i know full well, who are the people i want to keep in touch you.

PS: I think my period is coming real soon. So cranky recently.

PPS: I love and hate my new phone la.

PPPS: Who subscribes to m1? m1 subscribers should know there are 3 m1 numbers which you can call out to for free, if you tell the operator within three working days. So if you are, tell me okay? Then i can have another reason to pester you.

Cuz i don't want to waste my free outgoing call to you ma!!




I absolutely adore these three things from Espirit. The two belts and the horizon perfume.

And the shot of the perfume looks nice, doesn't it? Took it in secret, as i'm not sure whether espirit allows photography in the shop. And lo and behold, i forgot to off the flash!


Off the flash and took the two photos of the belts.

And see the last photo, whereby veron and dy are helping me to hold up the belts? The brown/gold belt in veron's hand is fantastic!! I love the design!

Haha. When i get my pay, i'm going to ask dora for her discount card and buy these things.

On the other hand, i could do with some xmas presents too.



Monday, December 11, 2006


I have no idea why i'm online now. Lols. For the past few months, i couldn't install my modem into my computer. And i've no idea how i got an internet connection.

Frustrated, i uninstall everything (modem, adaptor, router) and tried to reinstall everything. Turns out i can't.

Cuz i couldn't install the modem, which results in no internet connection. And a router needs to have an internet connection. Oh my god. I nearly died.

Messaged mel, and miraculously, i am online. He asked me to connect modem to router, which i did. Then take lan cable, and connect router to computer. Then when i'm configuring the router, need internet connection ma. And the stupid setup wizard says router is not connected to internet and keep asking me to on and off the modem.

I was like... =.=. Then i clicked on 'start', and 'connect to' and just clicked wireless network connection. And. The router was configured.

And though the monitor of the adaptor says that the adaptor is not associated with the access point (i've no idea what it's about either), i am online. Though everything on the launch bar says i am not connected to the internet, i am online. And god knows how this happens.

But thing is, I AM ONLINE! BWAHAHA!

BUT another sucky thing is, i couldn't access my own blog. I asked around and everyone says the loading was fast. I couldn't even open the page. I could only view it if i sign in to blogger, and goes to template to preview my own blog.


This's such a long rant, cuz i'm totally amazed by how i am connected to the internet.


Bleach, here i come!

Saturday, December 09, 2006


Went to vivocity@habourfront with senses on thursday. =) It was a surreal experience. Every shop was so frigging big that they terrify me. I worry about whether i would still be 18years old when i manage to find them.

Still, we went to sweet recipe to eat. Besides cakes and brownies, they serve good food! Main courses and appetizers. Not bad. =D And i realised that i actually love cheesecakes!

before veron came, we were busy camwhoring in... the toilet restroom.

LOLs. We tricked the tap by placing the rubber band directly under the sensor.

Ok. I've no idea what gotten into me. Dy says it looks like porn, but i, like you, have no idea why too.

*oops. First failed photo.

This was supposedly a candid shot, but ah wells. They were killed.

The camwhores

- veron

- dora

- dy

- ty

Like, do i still need to say? Senses!

Apparently there's this limit as to how many photos (or rather, the total size) of photos you could post. So yeah. There're more funny photos like how dora and veron tried using the urinal (for kids) in the restroom, my big nose (with bigger pores) and so on. All uploaded into shutterfly. Buzz over if you have the time.

And really sorry, if the loading of this page has been wicked due to the amount of photos i uploaded. Think the previous blog template doesn't help either, thus the change. =)


Cleaned my room up and down today. Moved the bulky table out and now the room is so empty. Gonna repaint the room and buy a new table and shelves for my books.

I realise i've got so many books for someone who's so poor.

(Eh, don't give me the rubbish that you are also poor. My family's monthly income adds up to only 1000+ and the money goes fully into supporting a family of 5 aye? 3 growing children of ages 18, 17 and 15. I've friends who rebutt me by saying they're not rich either. I was like eh but you could afford air tix back to singapore from wherever-you-are-studying like twice or thrice a year lei. And got the reply but very cheap what, each two-way tix costs only 1000+. Like fuck. Your one trip could fund my whole family for one month.)

I'm going to buy a nice big shelf for my beloved books. A nice big cheap shelf. Any lobang?

I am in a weird mood nowadays. *scuttles away.


And if you have a sense of humour,

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Prom Photos

Finally, i got the usb port from my friend and managed to upload all the photos into the computer. ^o^

We arrived promptly at 6pm+ at marina mandarin hotel and thought we were late. But turns out, we were early. Cuz the dinner started at only 8pm ya?

So before it all starts, we were all busy photowhoring.

Haha, i think i look okay in this photo, therefore it's up here.
My beloved! =D *muacks!
Yeah, i know i'm short.
A myopic view of how the whole thing was.

During dinner

Everyone from S1 who attended, i think. Most of them.
Haha, shaun trying to be funny, by taking a photo of me. LOLs.

Yet, another one.
With the crab, king of all craps. Smartass.

Seems like blogger has got a limit as to how many photos per post. Anyways, this is also as far as my eyes could take me.

Photos are all uploaded onto my shutterfly. =)


Yesterday, i attended the concert hosted by ABC Stout beer at the indoor stadium together with lymon, colin and tingz. Mayday, pin guan and two other weird guys. The organisers were smart to put mayday right at the back. Cuz if mayday was the first to perform, the indoor stadium would be 70% empty after their performance, i guess. Wasn't high till like 10pm++ when mayday appeared.

For the last near-the-first-quarter-of-my-life, i thought those people who jump and scream at concerts are fanatics of the bands/singers.

I was one of them last night.

Well, i am a fan, but not that crazy. And there i was, screaming, jumping, yelling. And considering we were at a sector which ain't so high (unlike those directly under the stage), there were only me, tingz and 2more girls standing up getting high.


The concert lasted all the way till 12pm. Started from 8pm. Crazy, eh? We waited for a looong time before we took a cab. Yeah, there were lots of cabs. All on call.

And we had to take one which was on call, but the guy 'fly his airplane'. Think he took another cab. And that cab driver was damn pissed. And weird. Bluffed us where he live, told us that he can drive home first then we drive back ourselves. And tingz was crapping with him all the time. =.=!

Lymon stayed over again, cuz we all hadn't enough money to send him all the way to yio chu kang. And we slept at like, what, 3am+?

Then i woke up at 730am today. For work. Freak. Worked till 1pm. Did some stuffs and rushed over to meet senses @ vivocity. That place is ... BIG!!!

We walked and shopped and crapped. And ate at sweet secrets, whose moist chocolate cake was oh-super-duper-SWEET!!! Sugoii!

Took lotsa photos too. But i've no energy left to open them in the Paint.program, save them again as JPEG files in order to reduce the file size from 1.something MB to a few hundred KB.

Spare me. I slept only 3hours plus. And tomorrow, i'm working again, from 1-9pm.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Outing with pre-u sem SG17 today. =) Dined at billy bombers, and it was my first time there, along with a couple of others. We gave our first times to each other. *sweet. Lols.

It was great, laughing all the way. With a few weird 16-year-old waiters. =S I think we were rather rowdy in there. And they insisted i'm from mainland china. People often mistake me for being from philippines, malaysia, indonesia etc etc. But never china. =.=


And i think people who place great importance on money are weird. Someone who'd rather do a job he dislikes for 20, 30 or even 40 years just for the sake of earning the few more thousands dollars per month. How can you be happy, and remain sane, if everyday you just report to the place you positively hate? I bet one would crack after a year or so.

You say you are being practical, that the thought of earning a great deal of money makes you happy, even when you are doing something you are disinterested in. Am i naive, or are you naive? I think that sooner or later, you'd come to realise that money ain't everything; your sanity and happiness are more important. Money can only get you a therapist and some happy pills.

Or maybe i am the naive one, for thinking that one should still pursue after passion and interest over profits and gains in today's society.

But i really do not get it. How can one be happy with tens of thousands dollars, earned from a job he detest??? Can money really sustain person's sanity? Can money really bluff the heart into thinking that this is happiness?

I really really am befuddled by the thinking of some around me. And i really am expecting that one day, they'd turn back and say hey justine, you're actually right. i've so much money in my bank, but i ain't happy at all. And maybe, just maybe, they might add on do you want to have some of the money?

Monday, December 04, 2006

For the past two days, had been dealing with some family matters. Thus, i missed going out with wenz and the 4A reunion last night. =(

And i realised i haven't got the time to shit for the past two days. =(

Later on, i'm going to work. Yes! Finally. Work. Back to the dental clinic. Strictly part-time though, cuz i wanna try out other jobs - sales, relief teaching etc. Speaking about relief teaching, i registered with MOE (ministry of education) and they approved! So now, all i've to do is to wait for BNSS reply. And maybe gotta try the few schools near my house.

Gonna make this post-exam holiday worthwhile. Earn lotsa money, gain different experience and have fun! =D I just hope i won't turn into the workaholic i am after O' levels.

Working till 6pm today at aljunied. Heard from my mum that they have renovated the whole dental clinic and now it is bigger! *tweet~ Might be catching a movie with lymon afterwards. Lol. That lucky guy, he's only going into NS on 12april. Aha, he only got his enlistment letter like days ago? And all of us were speculating whether he was born intersexual and his parents decided to raise him as a male but entered 'female' in his birth cert. Hm. Ok, it was my speculation, with everyone ignoring me afterwards. =( Haha! But i think it's a funny joke lei. =p

Ok. I feel the urge to shit.

PS: I still can't figure out how to load the photos in the digicam i borrowed from my friend into the computer. Gotta ask her some time. Lotsa photos coming up!

[update: 11.55PM]

Just got home. Open season is very nice. Dinner comprising of one big piece of chicken chop was very delicious. The conversation that followed was very sweet.

Haha. Sounds rather mono. now. So happy~

Simple things bring the most happiness.

Friday, December 01, 2006


Was... rather boring. 'Cept for two embarrassing moments for me. Which i'm not going to say here, cuz what for embarrass myself!

Went to one of the saloons near my house to do my hair and makeup. Rushed home, changed and met up with tingz and yu, along with lymon. Yongtao's mum came to fetch us =) It was a squeeze at the back for the 4 of us! Haha!

Reached marina mandarin hotel. We were on time (6PM), and the dinner only started at 7.30PM. So we just stood around, chatting and taking lots of pictures. Esther was actually embarrassed that she's wearing makeup and stuffs, that she refused to take pictures. LOLs. Could see she was rather uncomfy throughout the whole thing. =( She kept saying she missed home, and in the end, she got home.

So yeah. We got to our table. Manda, jensen, lymon, bryan, tingz and i were sitting at table 9, along with 6 S18 peeps. Wenshan that crazy girl was there too. But quite sian. Initially we already indicated that our class sitting arrangement would be 8per table (cuz there are 16 of us, and each table can sit 10people). I really wanted to kill the person who planned the sitting arrangement. Wth, man.

Dinner started. Not bad. But after the first embarrassing moment of mine, i lost appetite. What a waste. Plus, my bad throat's acting up again.

And i felt that there should be more games to be played for the nominated prom kings and queens. So that they can interact more ma! =X

All in all, it was just... "like that lo". There was the inter-jc pageant thingy, where the prom king and queen of each jc would compete la. The emcee was boring, though i can't say i would do a better job but he's an emcee!

Heng that the atmosphere at our table was alright. Warmed up quickly to each other. =)

Ended at 10PM+. Started taking photos again. People, send me all the photos with me inside please! Aha~ Bryan took us up to the hotel room the prom committee booked. The night view on the balcony was NICE!!

Later on, went to pan pacific hotel The Atrium to relax. It was sorta a bar. Drinks were expensive. Damned. But i think at bars and pubs, drinks are all that expensive, so manda, don't feel bad for taking us there! =)

Emerald Sun - $17 (without GST and service charge. I can't imagine prices of stuffs after the GST hike). Forgot what's in it. Gin, rum, pineapple juice blablabla. Can't taste the alcohol. It only tasted like cough syrup. Maybe i've gone off my alcohol stint. Back to nerdy justine, who doesn't drink. And i broke a glass there - raymond's drink. =X Good things are, he finished his drink and they didn't ask us to pay for it. They were damn efficient la! The glass knocked onto the floor, broke and they came in the next second taking up the glass and wiping the floor clean. Without a word. *speechless.

130AM. Home together with yongtao, tingz and lymon. Dad's friend came to fetch us. =D Sugoii! Lymon came over my house to get his stuff and we just sat there talking endlessly after i tried to wash my hair (you'll see why when i upload the photos). Chatted till 2AM/3AM++ and we actually just fell asleep. =.= Woke up at 7.30AM this morning and he went home to pack his stuff for his secondary school chalet. He's so gonna die from lack of sleep.

And argh, spare me the one-eyebrow-raised-look when you read that lymon stayed over. Like, god, nothing happened, man. It feels weird, when i know people are so conservative even till today. Guys take photos with girls, they stand like there's a pole in between them. =p I think guys and girls can be close friends without anything happening between them. =) Ahaha.

And to clear up one misconception, though you might think i'm crazy, wild and open-minded, i don't believe in casual sex man. I think i overheard something but i don't know whether i was dreaming cuz i was damned sleepy, but argh. Spare me.

How did i digress to this topic anyway. >.<

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

2S01 chalet

Man, the chalet rocks.

It was raining cats and dogs when we reached there at 1pm++. Rained all the way till 4plus. Still raining. Cooped up in the room upstairs playing risk! Lost once again, while trying to conquere asia again. Lols. Decided to start the bbq under the shelter instead of out in the open air.

Fire started easily, cuz there're pros at hand! =)

There was a lot of food. Bbq-ed like siao. Mr ho and mr koh arrived in the evening. Scared us silly with their horror stories. =p

Ms tan EY and mrs wong arrived later, and they brought a whole tray of watermelons! ^-^ Obviously, while some of us were listening to the horror stories in the open air (it's stopped raining by then), the others were having a civics and moral education inside. Oki, don't really know what was it about. Aha!

By 11pm, only me, lymon, yu, oli, manda, jensen, raymond, wei sheng, colin, bryan, pohchong, shaun and peggy were left. Oli arrived like damn late, when all the food's finished and almost everyone's gone. Lols. She came to the chalet machiam only see us and sleep. And eat mac. Yeah, we ordered mac in the middle of the night, cuz all of us are lazy to walk the 50metres or so. Ahaha!

We couldn't sleep at all. Scared silly by the stories. And shaun started telling us the differences between christians and catholics. Yu and i felt something freaky and we die die also won't sleep. =S In the end, i still succumbed to it, while she stayed up till 5plus.

Couldn't get a good night sleep. Totally shagged. Just reached home.

But man, it was a good chalet. =) Good friends, good food, good company. Though it's short, but darn, it's great.

Haha. Only bad thing is, go chalet shouldn't zonk out at 10pm lei! Everyone should be staying up, sitting in the room and talking cock. Instead, we had to creep around and talk softly. A bit sian, but still, it didn't spoil the fun! Bwahaha!!


[update: 10.19PM]

Argh. I slept from 4pm+ till now, and i'm still sooo tired! Zzz.

Oh yeah, shaun reminded me of the taxi driver who drove me, him, lymon and tingz to coasta sands. We started talking in malay language and got rather befuddled. Then the taxi driver (obviously can hear us talking right) taught us malay. LOLS.

Bobo - porridge. That's the only new things i remembered. There's the kawan, makan, aku, awak etc. I'm too stoned to remember any others. *-*

I wish the chalet could last longer! Then we can have more fun!!! LOls.

Sunday, November 26, 2006


It takes just a fleeting glance from you
To make me feel self-conscious
A slip of a word or two
I dwell over them
All day long

I've no idea
Why when or how
I allowed this to happen

I frown
I smile
I sigh
I'm I


Enough of emo-ing. Anyway, noticed a patten up there? ^o^

Dad got into a car accident. =(( And he wasn't even driving. Haven't seen him yet, but mum said one side of his face was swollen and he seemed to have injured his leg as well. Thank god he ain't hurt seriously, but damn, that certainly sucks. On the bright side, at least he'll get to rest for a few days. =)

Tingz's mum came over to help marinate the chicken. And they bought too many chickens. So we decided to make some stew chicken for those who are lazy to bbq. Let's hope i don't finish them all up.

Chalet tomorrow. Till tuesday. Lols. Yeah, kinda short but ah wells, can't have it in december (cuz some are having family vacations) and can't be too long (cuz of prom on thurs).

It'd be a very packed week. I still haven't gotten my shoes and bag.

Should i get red heels to match the red necklace i've got, or just wear the white heels? Hm. Whichever it is, i'm going to get super high heels. =)

Tingz showed us her dress and she had on make up. She is so pretty! *swoons!


OH MY. My dad just reached home. And his eye is swollen like... a ping pong ball. No. Make that a tennis ball. And it's really a BLACK EYE. I've never seen a black eye before, i thought it was just an exaggeration. But it was really black. Sooty black. Charcoal black. Oh my. Thank goodness he's not seriously injured.

Lols. My mum just bought socks for me. And i was like, eh but i don't need lei, cuz no school already.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Went to wisma atria with mummy today. Bought a dress. Shucks. There better not be anyone wearing the same dress as me, it'd be so... =.=''' Went into daniel yam and the dresses' designs are very nice and sweet. But didn't buy from there, cuz it's overpriced and no point since like 50% of the girls would prolly be buying from there. Everyone keep telling me that. =S

Later on, parkway sakae sushi with liting, her bf, yi and tracy. =3 My appetite really has shrunk! *happy. And yay! Shopping again next friday with them! 3cheers for tracy (and her staff discount)!

Lols. Lymon still couldn't find a suitable blazer. Poor boy.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Failure as a teenager

Fuck. I can't believe i had this arguement with my mum about the prom dress.

M: Sunday we go out with your dad to buy your dress kay?
I: Don't want la, sunday friends coming over to help marinate chicken and maybe movies.
M: Okok, then i ask your dad to give me $200 later.
I: WAH LAO no need so expensive till $200 la! My budget is $50-80!
M: Later you find something you like very much lei?
I: Siao, then don't buy la!
M: Can wear on normal days also ma!
I: Siao la normally also don't wear until so expensive. I think even $50-80 is expensive liao. Don't want don't want, don't get so much money. I won't buy so expensive dress.

Doesn't this argument normally go the other way?

I am such a fucked-up teenager. Rejecting money!! >.<


Today's mini-outing at hougang mall's NTUC Fairprice was pretty fun. *hee. Went out with yu, raymond, lymon and pohchong to buy the stuffs needed for chalet on coming monday!

Initially we got most of the food and stuffs needed. Wanted to get marinated chicken for convenience sake, but just couldn't find it in fairprice. Lymon thought it might be in cold storage and we were like okay... hm so let's put all these things back (since we've all the time in the world) and go to cold storage (compass point) to buy. But it was really too idiotic to do all these. LOLs.

So we retreived back what we just returned to the shelves (which is only half the amount of items!) and paid. Lunched at mac and decided to put the things at weisheng's house before going to compass point. It was raining like HELL. Weisheng was kind enough to bring us umbrellas. =D

It was very fun sharing umbrella with lymon. =D And cuz i am short enough, he could put his arm (holding the umbrella) around my shoulder to shelter both of us better. =.=''' HAHA

We decided to stay in weisheng's house for awhile till the rain subside. (And the whole time reminds me of last year's PW period. LOLs)

Started playing RISK! First encounter with it. Yu and i played together as a country. We were the white army. Damn. We nearly conquered the whole of asia when pohchong (betrayer!!) and lymon wiped us out. Poh chong said he'll concentrate on conquring africa lo and he already has the whole of australian continent liao lo. In the end still attack us. In war, there's no allies, only gains. =( LOLs.

In the end, we shopped for an hour and played risk for 4hours. LOLs. In the end, we went home after deciding that i would marinate the chicken.

So yu and raymond are coming over on sunday. Happy feet after marinating! Anyone wanna join?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Sometimes, when the whole world seems to be criticising you on mindless things and you are one who gets easily upsetted by people's opinion on you, it's always lovely to know that someone would gladly put down everything on hand to stay by you and comfort you.

Thanks. =) <3


A levels' ended. *hurray!


Daniel craig as james bond. Great. Storyline changes rather fast. But action packed, exciting and got chio bus yandaos to watch. =)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


From now on, i shan't rant on about my brother. Is it obvious how much i detest him?

It must seemed incredulous, that there could be such intense dislike in a family. But he screws up the order in the family, to put it mildly.

I'm sorry if you guys couldn't understand, but i'm not sorry for my feelings towards him.


On a happier note! Lymon came over this afternoon, cuz poor him's alone at home. Parents out, brother's out.

Bio MCQ-ed.

Order pizza hut. 2regular pizzas for $19.90 (which adds up to $20.90 after gst O_o). *burp.

And he got stuck to the ps2 in the later part of the day. >.<

I believe firmly in you reap what you sow, you earn what you deserve kinda principle.

You want respect, earn it.

You want trust, earn it.

It's pointless, to keep on going on defending yourself, when everyone knows what you have been up to. Really. And the more you rant on, the more you mumble, the more obvious that you did what we thought you did.

That's why i could really safely say, though my brother is part of my family, i don't like him. I can't trust him, nor respect him. It's useless.

I have high expectations for people around me, and i come down hard on them.

I can't stand people with no driving force, no motivation to work hard. I am intolerant of people, whose ears are laden with unheeded good advice. I dislike people, who throw silly tantrums that are way before their age.

I am somehow a perfectionist. (Yes, spare me from all the bullshit about how i shouldn't speak badly about others, cuz i ain't a saint myself. But this's my blog, and i am perfect here, or more perfect than you are)

I totally detest it, when people leave doors open to air-conditioned rooms. Like, close it can't you?

It's things like this, which requires minimal common sense, that get to me.

I think next time, i would be a very difficult person to live with. I think my kids would hate me next time.

Hold your chopsticks properly, can't you?

Why can't you read a book a day?

Haven't you memorise the ten words you are supposed to from the dictionary every day?

Buck up, and get the As, won't you?

Close the door! Can't you see the aircon's on?

Stop using the computer. Have you any idea what's the time?

Anyway, you guys prolly shouldn't worry about my 'emo' posts. Cuz really, my bad moods dissipate really fast. =) I just need to let it all out, somehow.



Oh yeah. Went to borders with lymon yesterday. =) Bought lord of the flies (it's like everyone knows this book, but who's actually gotten down reading it?) and we need to talk about kevin. Decided to put james frey's my friend leonard aside for awhile. Wait for the price to drop etc. Cuz i've got a feeling that biographies of people who've been to jail/done drugs etc are great books. The first one normally is. Then when i move on to the second book, it starts to sound fake, whiney and melodramatic.

Monday, November 20, 2006

In-between entertainment

I don't mind people not spending time with me. Not at all. What i mind is, when they ask me out just to fill up the empty time slot(s) between programmes. For half or one hour, they request my company. In the name of... spending time together? Catching up? Then after awhile, zoom they're gone. Without informing you beforehand, without telling you during and just giving you an apologetic smile before leaving.

So say, if i am alone with that person, i would be alone after he/she left. And i would look so fucking stupid.

I don't care if you think i am petty, or weird, or bitchy. But i think you are the one being bitchy.

I don't fancy being someone's in-between entertainment. I don't like feeling like something which you call up to waste some time with before going off to do something supposedly more worthwhile.

I don't mind if you call me up for lunch or dinner, and afterwards proceeding to work/study. But i don't care much of the company if you are really just plain using me to while the time away. Like, no thanks.

I'm not the popcorn you run out to get during intervals of a movie. Heck no. Even the popcorn would be able to accompany you through the whole movie.

Damn. Now i'm sounding like a grouchy old lady, constantly moaning about how bad life is. It's not really like this. But i just have to encounter some sucky people and spend suck-ier times with them.

Liberate me from suckers, please!


Neat! I found this while blog hopping. Enjoy.



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Friday, November 17, 2006


The idea of going back to the long-abandoned detached cocoon is very enticing. I would give anything to fling everything away and lock myself in my house for days. It's getting very tiring, to interact with humans.

I used to think life's a play, humans the actors and world the stage. I thought everyone had their own designated roles, with dialogues written up way beyond Time began. What i didn't know, is that the script could be ever-changing. What you received at the start, seemed to unravel and reveal more mystery as time passes. Scenarios and actions which you haven't seen, and most probably unexpected. You adapt, you switch roles. Sometimes, you couldn't read the lines. Sometimes, you forget the lines. There are times, whereby you flip the script close and lie against your conscience.

I thought i had a good script in hand.

There i was, giving a dazzling performance. I knew my lines well. Yet, words get thrown back into my face. I turned around. There was no one there to watch.

I was performing to an audience, which doesn't exist. No one know the effort i put in, adapting to the roles that were constantly evolving. How hard i tried to memorise the lines that were given to me last minute.

I was alone by myself, all the time. I thought i was sharing my happiness, my sorrows; shedding my tears, roaring out my anguish to people watching.

In the end, i was left with myself.

Would it be insolent of me to say that up till now, i still think lymon sings the best out of so many guys i've heard? LOLs.

Ok. Maybe lust and infatuation do make all the difference.

Watched project superstar last night. =) Some of the contestants are good! I like mingyao! Hee! His hair is super cool ^o^


Chemistry paper I in 3.5hours time.

Nervous? Hell yeah.

Revising? LOLs. =p

Ok. Should be off.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Chemistry for 4hours starting from 8am - preparation for tomorrow's paper I. To score like, 40/40. Lols.

After which, subway with lymon. A foot-long of both oven roasted chicken breast and teriyaki chicken. *pok pok kay. Took half of each, with 3cookies and a super duper large coke [*oops, i actually typed cock]. He finished, as usual, and i didn't, as usual. I love to pack the un-finished sandwich back home, let it sit on the dining table for a few hours till it got all cold and maybe slightly stale the sauce has, well, 'sunk' into the bread. And man, it tastes good. =D

Am pretty comfortable with the current arrangement. Seeing each other every few days for a coupla good hours, then going back to our own lives and friends. Rather satisfying, to be able to stone by yourself, and later on stoning with company. LOLs.


I feel so full. There's still a 6-inch teriyaki chicken sandwich waiting for me. *burp! $9 for two meals. Worth it! HAHA!!!


I reformatted my computer a few weeks ago and suffered during this period song-less. So now, being quite free, i began to transfer each and every song from my mp3player to the PC. And being neurotic about stuffs, i have to rename almost every songs so that they are not screwed or look weird.


I keep typing 'every' as 'everyone'. I did it again just now. Wth.

373songs in the midst of transferring. *bitzz~

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nomination for PSC scholarship? *blinks.

Anyways. Physics was screwed. Yup. Chemistry was cool, easier (a lot a lot easier) than expected. Credit should be given to our chem teachers, who are really the best!

Tasting semi-freedom now. =)


Guys are so cheap. You turn up the heat in a relationship, they turn away and bo chap you. You play hard to get, they chase after you. Wassup man?

I don't like games like this.

[update: 10.27PM]

Few months ago, i didn't understand about the psc scholarship and went to the website to get the login id and password, in the hopes of applying for it. Come october, the website is up and open for applications.

PSC’s current scholarships requirements are:
Candidates offering GCE A-levels:
For Science Stream - Attempted 4 GCE A-level subjects and 2 S papers.
For Arts Stream - Attempted 3 GCE A-level subjects and 1 GCE AO level subject and 1 S paper; or 3 GCE A-level and 2 S papers.

Students who exhibited outstanding leadership qualities and achievements could still be surfaced to PSC Scholarships Selection Board for scholarships consideration when PSC invites the schools to nominate outstanding students for the provisional scholarships.

But like wth.

I remembered browsing through the website without logging in first. After reading all these, i didn't even bother to log in. What're the chances of a person with medicore grades for her 4A level subjects, no S papers and non-academic achievements that are just so-so getting the scholarship, when vying for the same thing with an elite from a prestigious junior college with 4A level subjects, 3S papers and non-academic results that go on for pages and pages, and not to mention that he/she might have clocked up hours being a volunteer at a hosptial?

Wow. Long question.

Anyways, so what if i have the heart and passion for public service? Cuz nothing's fair, everything's based on merit. If you suck, you suck.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Good ol' S01

Physics today was horrendous. Utterly. I can feel the same old tingly fear running up my spine. *shivers. Bless paper 3, every one of you.

Tomorrow's chem paper 2. AHHH. I'm still deciding whether to go through the last topic - organic chem (which coincidentally consist of 11 topics).

And now, friends are sms-ing everyone to update on the latest updates/changes to chemistry concepts. Haha. Not a bad thing, just minor tweaks here and there. Very grateful to them for spending their sms-es. *loves~


Tingz and i were discussing about watching movies right after our last paper - 23nov. And i was saying ya la, i won't pull lymon along one, don't worry! Then she just had to say har? the two of us watch together alone arh? =.=

Then she sms-ed me at 11pm+ saying she doesn't mind just us two watching movies together and if the whole class is going on wed, we can find another day to go together again. LOLs. She's so capricious but ahh so cute! *loves!!


Ever since i put that panda photo as my display pic on msn, everyone's been questioning on my new 'pet'. =.=

And i love bears! Pandas, polar bears... especially gummy bears! Ya know the big packet of Yupi gummy bear in which contains a lot of small packets of gummy bears (around 10 i guess)? I can finish one whole packet in a day. =.=

No wonder my tooth aches.

My mum says there's a crackline (so it means it's not due to the bears!). I hope i ain't grinding my teeth at night.

And my mum's really worried that i'm going crazy with all the mugging. But i ain't. After 18years of being utterly crazy when i'm with my friends, i just decided to reveal my crazy side to my family. And now they really think i'm nuts. =(

Cuz i jump around the house, shake my butt in front of the tv when everyone's watching, jiggle to some tune in my head and shout. A lot. Shout and scream. Bow wow wow.


Bryan says my blog always revolves around the same topic. So change of topic should be sex. Yeah. I wanna talk about sex too. But skarli some of you get the wrong idea. Or worse, you get offended. =S

Then again, bryan says those who get offended are hypocritical.

Haha! So true! So stop pretending to be high and mighty and all so pure, my dears! Haha!!

I certainly hope that i would get good sex in my marriage. Not that i would eliminate the guy if he doesn't give good sex (it's not that important) but still, it's crucial!! Neck massages just don't cut it.

Haha. I'm too tired to go on. But i love sex! I think it's cool, to get hot and sweaty with the guy you like/love.

Hm... But i won't do one night stands. I guess. Cuz (a) I don't have the conditions to and (b) neither the courage. Haha! I'm gonna be one faithful lass.

[edit: 11.41PM]

I'm an arrogant snob ab ovo. So when i see how easy (relative) chem paper II was today, i breezed through it. I did check, flip flip flip, but ah, i wasn't reading.

While walking back, i realised that i was careless on the very first question! Wtf!

They gave a complex compound - Na3AlF6. Then they asked what is the complex ion in the complex compound. Complex ion is an anion, and there's only one cation species.

In the first part of the question they asked to define what's a complex ion - a combination of a central atom/ion with surrounding ions or molecules called ligands. And DAMN. I actually wrote Na3F6 as the complex ion. It should be frigging AlF6!


I can't stop cursing at my stupidity. AHH!!! One mark gone. My A's gone, with the countless careless mistakes i've made. I just can't believe i made such an elementary mistake in the first question, the very second part.


[edit: 10.32PM]

Someone must have thought of me and wished me good luck.

'Break a leg' is an expression for good luck (though it's usually for performances etc).

I sprained my ankle while crossing the road.

That's how powerful thoughts could be, huh.


OKOK. I was careless, clumsy and basically, a klutz. =p

Sunday, November 12, 2006

I am still coughing. *GRR!

Anyways, thought a tagboard would be nice. Though i still prefer comments on entries. =) Even when there's nothing much to comment about.

A levels almost over. Thank god. 3physics papers, 2bio papers and 2chem papers more to go. I can almost taste freedom. *slurps.

I can visualize the first things i'm gonna do on 23rd nov. Sleep my brains away.

Physics paper 1 and 2 tomorrow. Hellish. I hope a miracle would descend on me. Pray hard y'all.


Everyone deserves to be happy! And happiness is determined by yourself. You allow yourself to be happy, you allow yourself to wallow in self-pity and depression. Choose to be happy. I think it's kinda pointless to dawdle on things that had already happened. Since the milk's spilled, wipe it up and get a new glass or whatever it is. =)

Each one of us has a different mentality. Your happiness might be peg on the number of tubs of ice cream devoured, while hers is on the number of bags she has and his is on the number of girls he scored. Ah. Whichever, i think we all do have the ability to cheer ourselves up. =S

We all have the strength to pick ourselves up and rebound each and everytime. Sometimes we thought we would snap, but ah, we're still breathing and kicking aye.

So cheerup peeps. Life's too short to moan and groan about how things had turned out for you [though there really is nothing longer than life itself]. Be glad we ain't starving or eating grass and bark, and we have aplenty water to waste in the shower room.


Friday, November 10, 2006

I know i couldn't stand having a blog template with teeny weeny font for long. It screws up my eyes. Poor eyes.


New zealand has approved of using text speak (sms lingo) in exams, 'cept in exams whereby use of language is critical (english etc).

That move totally deprecates english language. *faints. Why on earth would they do that, instead of educating the people to learn english in a proper manner? It's bad enough that we are neglecting grammar, but to give more leeway for people to deride english... ARGH!


It's bad enough when one does not keep to his/her promises. But to make up by giving more empty promises ain't the solution.

Give it up man. I gave up on you some time ago. Change will never happen, when one's reluctant.

[edit : 9:23PM]

LOLs! I realised i made a fool out of myself in the previous entry. So yi has indeed told me the meaning of 'totemo' but i thought there was more to it. =p

It's exactly like the song by jet - look what you've done.

Oh, look what youI've done
YouI've made a fool of everyonemyself

Thursday, November 09, 2006


Cough's almost gone, but still sounds like an old woman. Now, instead of coughing, i'm sniffling. Sniff sniff sniffles. =) And leaking mucus from my two lovely nostrils. I wish i've a pic. to show you guys.

Math II today. Nooot badddd... Better than paper I, in my opinion. But hell. It started out all wrong. I forgot to bring my water bottle and jacket. I nearly froze to death. Seriously, they install air conditioners cuz the hall's stuffy. Then they attempt to freeze us, cuz we won't be hot. HM.

Physics next week. I've totally lost touch with physics.

Yi says i am a totemo baka buta. I know what baka buta means. But whats totemo? I asked her and she just said it's very... =3. So very what?????

I feel like i haven't had a proper sleep for 4days. EH. I really haven't had a proper sleep for 4days. I'm finishing my course of antibiotics, once again prescribed by my mum. Sore throat - antibiotics (and this time round, danzen - which i forgot is painkiller or anti-swelling).

Ah well. As long as i finish the whole course of antibiotics, i don't care. The bacteria and foreign organisms better not build up immunity against them!


So what's totemo?????!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I keep having this irritating dry cough. I think it's annoying the people sitting around me in the hall. *cough cough. I sound like prof. umbridge in harry potter. =( And it's so exasperating, to reach under the table for that bottle of water after answering every question. Even more so when your bladder is bursting, but time does not permit you to go. =(

Chemistry paper was okay. In fact, better than the rest of the papers so far. Math paper I totally sucks. There goes my A.


And why, why do guys always forget to flush the toilet after each use!? =S I just walked into the toilet to find a pile of shit. My dad's. >.<


I got new bras! Pierre cardin. And only that brand for me (as yet). ^-^ More bras, please!! Don't you think bras are really the essentials for a girl/woman, not talking about sanitary pads and facials (and maybe shoes and bags and clothes and and and all things nice)? They defy gravity, they look nice if you could wear them out tastefully and they boost (literally) your confidence! Haaha! *** Dr C says i have to drink 2litres of water daily, to get well faster. =( My water bottle's only 50ml, or so it says. Cuz it looks a lot more than that. GAH. That means i've gotta drink like, 40bottles? Or did i fail my mathematics somewhere?



Damn. Just cuz tomorrow's an afternoon paper, i shouldn't be slacking now!

Stats, here i come!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Honey Milk Massage

Honey and milk don't go together. For the whole of today (technically, yesterday), i've been drinking honey water cuz of a sore throat (credit to the chips). Ran out of honey water and i made and chilled some more, and changed to milk. GAH. After a cup of milk, i rushed to the toilet. What a great release to all the sins i've been consuming these few days.

Biology still pretty much sucks, cuz i couldn't get anything into my head. Haven't touch pure maths yet, but like what chengwei's nick says : if what i don't know can't hurt me, then math must be pretty harmless. I wish he rules the world, so that this would be true. But ah well.


And once again, i realised that i really am a very rash person. Someone who's quick to get pissed, but even quicker to be un-pissed. I really must learn to stop these mood fluctuations, cuz i don't want to lose good friends. =)

To all baos: Darn, so many changes taking place. Good or bad, it's all relative. But hey, what matters is we are should all strive to be as happy as possible, cuz we deserve to be.


I'm having a massive outbreak [or is it breakout? 0_O] on my face. So i'm not only fighting a war academically, but facially. Yes esther, facial after the A's. Along with a full body massage, please.


From tracy :

7 Random Things About Myself:
1) I sneeze at least once a day
2) I do not like cold rooms. 24degrees C is good enough for me
3) No fizzy drinks for me, cuz they'll give me hiccups *hic
4) I've got dry hands (*coughhandmoisturisercough*)
5) I would like to rule the world for a week
6) I've got hairs on my upper lip!!!
7) I don't see why girls and guys can't touch each other (NOT SEXUALLY) in a friendly manner

7 things that scare me:
1) A levels
2) Things that go *miaow
3) Not being able to shit
4) Banana milk
5) Acid (imagine it being thrown onto your face)
6) Falling flower pots
7) Something sharp poking into my eyes

7 Random Songs At The Moment:
1) Bowling for soup - Almost
2) F.I.R. - 天天夜夜
3) 周杰伦 - 心雨
4) 金莎 - 委屈
5) Fan3 - Digits
6) Britney - Everytime
7) 王力宏 - Kiss Goodbye

7 People To Do This: (if u guys really see this):
If i say, you guys will really do? Really? But i think we are telephatic, so if you know i am talking about you, DO. If not, you will die.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Did some moving over and tidying up. Was actually going to make this move at the end of a levels, but since i've been slacking throughout the day, might as well complete it.

Too much clutter on the other blog. Too many memories squeezed into a domain. Nothing bad, just need to start on a fresh canvas again. To re-organize my thoughts.

(note: moved back cuz i've switched to wordpress in the end)

The day's been spent trying to figure out how to play the two darned games on my handphone, tryna beat the record of my mom's handphone's game, staring endlessly and mindlessly at screens (computer and tv) and bingeing.

WAHAHA. What a fulfilling day, seeing that next tuesday i would be having my maths paper I and bio paper II. I'm still clueless about the structures of kidneys. Like, wth. As long as they work for me, i don't really care how they look like.

Screw that. I'm talking nonsense again.


I seriously need some hot sex. I'm too stressed up (even after a whole day of slacking. LOLs).

Sex Hot sex is good! It makes you look good (cuz of the hormones released), makes you feel good (DUH. orgasm) and makes you sound good (AHAHA). HELL. You probably burn more calories in a hot-sex-session than doing 100sit ups.

I need someone to help me massage my neck and shoulders too! They're stiffening and trying to do rock imitations.


I really need to get my arse moving and mind cracking. Or else, i'd be so screwed.

Fat and without an a level cert. What's worse than that, man.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

100 bucks if you don't smile

Haha. Ok la, this video is cute. ^o^ But the first thing i noticed was, is that hole the panda's vagina? *hmmm.

Baby panda's cute. ^-^

Eeks. I really really need to stop eating and stoning online.

GP paper was confusing. Essay was out of point, but comprehension was ... comprehensible? Only one passage given, though not enough time to finish the paper. *screwed.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


This is yet, another cool stuff.

Oh my. I'm so smitten with electronic guitars nowadays. ARGH! I want to learn it!!!

After the A's, i'm gonna go for yoga, kickboxing, hip hop dance lessons! I'm going to work my arse off trying to finance all these activities! And to go on an overseas trip with my friends to shop till i drop!

WOOTS. And i'm going to trash the A's.

Hahahaa. I'm getting so high now!!!!!!!


The video above - I keep laughing. Cuz the guy's face really is so... squarish. But he's mad. *awed! I love his guitar!

Elitist. Pah!

Isn't it a pity, to realise that certain stereotypes are true afterall?

Often, we tend to stereotype that students in top academic institutions - the elites - are arrogant, uncaring and all in all, supercilious. It's the few black sheeps that tainted the name/reputation of these supposingly unassuming individuals, and the wee-wee saga did not help matters either.

Both parties (derek wee and wee shu min) raised valid points, but what distinguishes both of them is the tone they used. Condescending and disdainful are just nicer adjectives that could be used to describe the reply from wee shu min.

It is true, that singapore is an elitist society. There is no meritocracy, when a significant portion of the society is being left behind while the rich gets richer and climbs higher up the societal ladder.

It is true, that discrimmination exists, though in a subtler form [through streamings and bandings]. And i agree that those who do not work hard, will fall behind the bandwagon and swallow in the dust left behind.

Yet, are the poor necessarily unmotivated, overassuming leeches of this society? My parents, along with many others' parents, worked hard just to struggle by with providing the family a decent living. We couldn't afford the first-class air tickets, nor annual or bi-annual overseas trips. Neither could we afford the latest technology [handphone, laptops etc] nor the LV/Guess bags.

And it would be a blatant lie, if one says that as long as you work hard, you would live a good life. Not everyone has the chance to go to RJC, not everyone has the chance to go to NUS. That doesn't necessarily means they do not work hard. That doesn't mean that they are crackpots.

You, being born with a silver spoon, have no idea the struggles of us commoners.

Damn. I hate these cocky people - who are deemed as the cream of the crop - spouting nonsense just because they have a dictionary and thesaurus on hand and could flaunt their bombastic vocabulary.

I hate to think of the fact that it would be these people who would be leading the society and heading listed companies that shape the future of singapore. These people, who couldn't emphatize with the people.

And god, her later reply was so pompous. *rolls eyes. If you are going to say what you say, take responsibility for it. To think her father, a minister, actually defended her actions. A chip off the old block, one would say.

No wonder there are still elderly going around selling tissue papers, earning a commission of say 50cents out of every $3 earned. No wonder there are still families (of 5people and above) who are struggling to get by with a monthly income of $1000.

Cuz there are people, earning tens of thousands monthly, who couldn't possibly fathom why, oh why, are there still people who couldn't get on with life. Cuz there are people, sitting in an office high up a tower, facing the sea, who smirk at people not donned in Armani or Ann Taylor nor wearing jimmy choos.

Please, get out of my elite uncaring face.

Like, no? You get out of mine.

P.S. : I have no resolve at all. I blogged, in the end. ={

P.P.S. : My bag is going to mould, without the big fat sun. ={

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Till the A's end

Hopefully this would be my last post till the 23rd nov. Ok, i can hear some of you sniggering but i will try! :)

How's the mugging coming? This question always pop up whenever i sign into msn and argh, don't even remind me of it. I think it was a mistake to mug hard for prelims. To mug too hard. Cuz afterwards, you lose all your drive and become unmotivated. Geez, and to think i thought i could still keep roaring on with that fighting spirit.

Anyhooha, i still ain't feeling the urge to study. Not feeling the butterflies as yet. Which is bad.


I haven't been very happy these few days. No idea why. There's this thud-thud-thud gloom around me. Maybe i am a gloomy bear in disguise! *horrors. So i should like, start bleeding or something.

Before the A's has even ended, i'm already thinking of the post-A's activities. Lols.


Contrary to the belief i had held for the first 17years of my life, i am a person whom jealousy constantly seeks out and devours. I have no reason to be remotely jealous of anything till i entered the-next-level-of-friendship-with-him. And it's so so tiring to be green.

I am those kind of girls guys dread and run away from - an idealist. I dream up the most fantastic friendships etc. And often, suffer the after effects of the awakening.

So i guess it would be kinda tiring for both parties, if i keep on going like this. And i changed. =)

But friendships are two-way relationships, aren't they? You give, you take. You adapt, you change. When one gives too much, one suffers. When one takes too much, one suffers. Though one suffers in pain, the other in glee. When things go wrong, and one refuses to rectify it, the other gets upset. Even more so if both parties are supposedly in love/lust.

Ahahaha. I just hope things unravel themselves and stop being so tangled up.


Something happened a few days ago that's worth celebrating. But it seems to be no big deal, except to me, that is. =(

I ate so many ferroro rocher that i am getting a sore throat. At this point of time? Someone should just take a knife and stab at you-know-where.

I marvel at myself being so short. Does it mean i will get short circuited more easily than others? :O

I keep eating and eating that i am expanding. Very sad fact. And my butt gets bigger and bigger, with every second i spend on this chair.

Throat is currently very very sore now.

Darn. Just let me die. Haha. That reminds me of a song sang by nicholas tse - let me die. LOLs!

This is a very cool video. Go watch it. Superb. Inspires me to pick up electronic guitar. Oh, and of cuz the undying passion for piano.

Since young, i've wanted to learn the piano and guzheng [due to influence from huan zhu ge ge]. I have learnt the basics of guzheng. Now i'm interested in guitar. I knew where are the notes on a classical guitar [credit to the 3guitar lessons i have been during cca orientation in sr].

Ok! So after A's, i'm going to learn the piano and guitar. Not to mention go for hip hop dance lessons. I need to get a-grooving and moving real soon. Or else i'll turn to this big fat tub of lard sitting in front of the computer, munching on chips, grumbling about life.


Anyway, hope not to see you guys again till after A's. :)

Saturday, October 28, 2006


真巧!今天去compass point都能看见lymon~



*dances around.

Friday, October 27, 2006


*jaws drop open. This test is SO true [for me, that is].

You want to be regarded as an exiting and interesting personality able to persuade others to comply with your beliefs and ideas. You are charming and able to influence other people who come into your sphere of influence. You like mental stimulation and you are the sort of person who is prepared to 'try anything once'. Your confidence is so much so that others are often swept away by your enthusiasm.

Being a somewhat gentle, emotional and sensitive person, you are at this time experiencing a considerable amount of tension. What you really need is someone who can be close to you and to listen to what you have to say.
- Yes! I really am an emotional person. Wahh!!

You are a dreamer and you seek perfection in any relationship that you may establish. Some of your ideas and standards are over the top so it may be a good idea to review your perception of life and accept people for what they are - not for what you would like them to be.
- A true blue dreamer. Too many expectations. But i'm slowly opening my eyes to reality and being happy for what/who i have.

Unacceptable restrictions have been forced upon you and this is resulting in severe frustration and stress. You are looking for independence and consequently you shy away from any restriction and avoid obligations of anything which might prove hampering. You are being subjected to considerable pressure and want to escape from it so that you can obtain what you need, but unfortunately at this particular moment in time you lack the necessary strength of purpose to succeed in this.
- Read: Family. My fucked up siblings. It's absolutely true. I wanna move away.

Trying to cope with conditions which you think are beyond your capabilities has led to considerable anxiety and stress. You now feel that you are not capable of coping with this situation and indeed any situation which could arise from what you consider to be your personal inadequacy.
- A levels.

It's true, at this moment. *blinks.